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<td align="center">You should be a Vampire

You like to go sexy/scary at Halloween. You love horror movies and the ideals of Halloween (and all of the candy doesn’t hurt either). You are very laid back and love to chill with your friends watching scary movies on Halloween.

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On October 16th, 2005 08:22 am (UTC), kenny_everett commented:
Жена, так не чесно, ты много лет скрывала что ты вампир!
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On October 16th, 2005 12:34 pm (UTC), lee_everett replied:
Ну, у женщин свои секреты.
On October 16th, 2005 06:45 pm (UTC), kenny_everett replied:
Ничего себе женские секреты...*рассматривает клыки жены*
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